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Funding for Chinese Online Learning Platforms Increased Tenfold in 2014 | MIT Technology Review

Will a surge in distance learning for traditional subjects, test prep, language, and trade skills leave the poorest out?

MOOCs Shake Up Indian Education | MIT Technology Review

In a country of rigid teaching styles and scarce university slots, students and professors are exploring what online learning can be.

Udacity founder takes on virtual study revolution –

It is less than a quarter of an hour’s drive down Route 101 from the village-like campus of Stanford University to Mountain View, the Silicon Valley home of Udacity. This was the journey Sebastian Thrun, the online education company’s chief

Is a Coursera specialization worthwhile? Do companies value it? – Quora

I used to work at Coursera, but the following is my personal opinion about new credentials in general, of which the Coursera Specialization is one. I’m also not in touch with what the company’s strategy for credentials is. I left right around when Specializations were being announced.

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