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The integration of technologies such as MOOCs, lecture-capture systems, and video telepresence has broadened students’ access and choice and made education more “location agnostic.” But there’s still a major challenge in creating high-quality, engaging, and seamless experiences for online and distance learning students and educators. Most institutions are not there yet, which means that traditional face-to-face learning models in higher education will continue. Digital learning materials such as e-books have worked to reduce costs and provide a more personalized learning experience, yet studies show that millennials prefer reading from print books for both deep reading and enjoyment.1 For this reason, I don’t see traditional books going away anytime soon.

Southeastern Municipality of Kosovo Signs Memorandum of Understanding with EDUonGo-Powered Albanian Massive Open Online Courses to Promote Distance Learning

To help expand science and coding in schools across the Municipality of Gjilan, Kosovo, Mayor Lufti Haziri has signed an agreement with Almooc, a non-profit organization that provides free education to Albanians.

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