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July 2015

Is a Coursera specialization worthwhile? Do companies value it? – Quora

I used to work at Coursera, but the following is my personal opinion about new credentials in general, of which the Coursera Specialization is one. I’m also not in touch with what the company’s strategy for credentials is. I left right around when Specializations were being announced.

ZaidLearn: Join the Nano Open Online Courses (NOOCs) Adventure!

International Education News l The PIE News l Students seek MOOCs as course add-ons

News and business analysis for Professionals in International Education

Challenges for conceptualising EU MOOC for vulnerable learner groups

This exploratory paper picks up elements from the European Commission’s educational vision and philosophy behind Opening up Education, the resulting initiative of the MOOC platform and takes this as a starting point to look at potential

7 Common Mistakes About Open Online Education | Technology and Learning | InsideHigherEd

Here are my top 7 mistakes that pundits and critics make when they talk about open online education:

CEO Of The World’s First MOOC Provides Hope To Former Prisoners Through Education

Mike Feerick leads a company that has been credited as being the first ever massive open online course or MOOC. He founded ALISON in 2007. Unlike other prominent MOOCs such as Udacity, Coursera, and edX, ALISON’s content is not drawn from elite US-based universities. Rather, the Galway, Ireland based company focuses […]

Innovation and Quality in Higher Education | Blog

Ted Mitchell is U.S. Under Secretary of Education

New MOOC Takes Aim at Curbing Recidivism – Higher Education

Could education be the path to helping former prison inmates reintegrate successfully into society? Many politicians are saying yes, and one social entrepreneur has created an online program designed to help prisoners prepare for the job market.


Mike Feerick, an Irish social entrepreneur, is the founder of ALISON (Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online), a system of online courses that started up in 2007 and have since spread across the globe. ALISON launched a series of training courses for American inmates in early July, with an eye to help former inmates build better lives for themselves and avoid ending up back in prison.

How MOOCs helped University of Hong Kong apply e-learning tools on campus

E-learning has taken off since HKU launched its first online course last year, with benefits for on-campus education too

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