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August 2015

Adapting courses for the digital era: the professors’ perspective

“What I would like to emphasize is that some people see online education as competing with traditional education,” he said. “And I see them as complements.”

Admissions officers seeing more MOOC credentials on applications

Prospective students are touting MOOC enrollment and completion, often in hopes of differentiating themselves from competitors.

Coursera Raises $49.5 Million In Series C Funding From NEA, Times Internet And Others

Coursera, the massive U.S.-based online open courses (MOOCs) company, has today announced a fresh raised $49.5 million Series C round. The funding round was led by NEA, with participation of Times …

Detecting and Preventing “Multiple-Account” Cheating in Massive Open Online Courses

We describe a cheating strategy enabled by the features of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and detectable by virtue of the sophisticated data systems that MOOCs provide. The strategy, Copying Answers using Multiple Existences Online (CAMEO), involves a user who gathers solutions to assessment questions using a “harvester” account and then submits correct answers using a separate “master” account. We use “clickstream” learner data to detect CAMEO use among 1.9 million course participants in 115 MOOCs from two universities. Using conservative thresholds, we estimate CAMEO prevalence at 1,237 certificates, accounting for 1.3% of the certificates in the 69 MOOCs with CAMEO users. Among earners of 20 or more certificates, 25% have used the CAMEO strategy. CAMEO users are more likely to be young, male, and international than other MOOC certificate earners. We identify preventive strategies that can decrease CAMEO rates and show evidence of their effectiveness in science courses.

No room for sloppiness in online classroom

When your classroom is a global one, filled with well-informed online learners, they don’t cut you much slack. Hundreds of people pore over every element of your course, making well-informed and sometime…

Search results show MOOCs are driving online brand awareness for universities

Think of a university, any university. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or Yale may spring to mind. Or your local university, or the one you or someone you know attended. I’m fairly sure that the University…

Far from bust: five ways MOOCs are helping people get on in life

How Massive Open Online Courses are maturing into useful tools.

Coursera Pivots To Focus On Job Training

Learning for the sake of learning sounds nice but doesn’t pay.

Study identifies new cheating method in MOOCs

Research from MIT and Harvard shows how to exploit and protect MOOC certification.

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