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These 10 trends are shaping the future of education

Innovation in the space likely won’t create an all-new landscape, but it will be markedly different.

2015 National Student Privacy Symposium

Digital Branding and Engagement

Want to learn how to get people to engage with your brand, but not sure where to begin?

Digital technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade, and so too has the way people communicate. Businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional business models to build brand awareness.

In today’s interconnected, hyperaware world, brand awareness and brand engagement are synonymous. We are in the age of digital brand engagement, where brands need to participate in, and inspire, a two-way conversation with their consumers.

This course will teach you about this shift and how it has altered the way brands communicate with their audiences. You will learn about the challenges of managing a digital brand and how rich and compelling content, combined with digital distribution, are integral to brand engagement.

Sleep longer to lower risk of catching cold – Life & Style – NZ Herald News

Lack of sleep is the most important factor in determining whether someone will catch a cold, according to an American study. – New Zealand Herald

Massive education campaign on child rights launched

“One of the challenges … in offering MOOCs is the digital divide or lack of access of some sectors/groups…. This [is] why sectors (targeted by MOOCs) are not enrolled … and why most MOOC learners are those who already have college or higher education and those who are working. The UPOU MOOCs will try to address this concern by involving Community eCenters (CeCs) … [that] are public access points for computers and the Internet. These are usually established and managed by local government units [so] in most cases, services are … free.”

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