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Principles of Macroeconomics – The University of Melbourne | Coursera

Principles of Macroeconomics from The University of Melbourne. All of us are affected by macroeconomic forces – they shape the very world we live in. And governments all around the world try to shape those forces in ways that (hopefully) improve the lives of their constituents. In this subject, we will examine the major theories used by macro economists to analyse national economies and the international economy. Take free online classes from 120+ top universities and educational organizations.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
Our very popular Macroeconomics MOOC is about to start again today!

Connected Classroom: EdTech Harnesses Big Data To Improve Student Learning

Business learning groups explore digital analytics to improve academic performance

Atwater man earns degree with online accessibility, face-to-face support

The ever-widening options of higher education online gave Chris Cox the flexibility and home computer advantage to earn his degree, but it was people power that cheered him over the finish line.

Connected Classroom: Business Schools Partner Mooc Disruptors For Growth

Explosion of online learning spurs universities to innovate, but gives rise to disruptive new players

MOOC, the great leveller

The noughties use of the Internet and web-based multimedia resources revolutionised the field of higher education. NPTEL (National Programme for Technology Enhanced Learning), a joint venture of the IITs and IISc, funde

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