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Coursera Study Shows Positive Career and Educational Outcomes for Learners

Today, Coursera released the results of a first-ever survey of course completers on Coursera and their self-reported learning outcomes. Researchers at Coursera, University of Pennsylvania and…

Udacity discounts Android Nanodegree for Indian developers

Leading Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform Udacity has teamed up with Google to offer its Android Developer Nanodegree programme in India at a discounted price. Google, in turn, has partnered with Tata Trusts to offer 500 scholarships each to deserving students in the programme.

​HarvardX Poetry in America Course Moves to TV​ | News | The Harvard Crimson

The digital humanities initiative will expand to local television and will feature influential figures discussing poetry.

MOOCs are no panacea, but they can help improve learning (essay) | InsideHigherEd

Back in 2012, massive open online courses entered public consciousness accompanied by grand promises of revolution. MOOC proponents, often backed by private venture capital, promised to make higher education more nimble and accessible than ever before. Three years in, at least, it hasn’t worked out that way. Our own assessment is that MOOC mania brought lots of hype, promising technology, some compelling if nascent science and broader recognition of a huge problem that no silver bullet can solve.

Digital Learning Initiative Eyes Expansion | BU Today | Boston University

Tailored online courses, other tech innovations on BU’s horizon

Moving through MOOCS: Pedagogy, Learning Design and Patterns of Engagement

Assessment Issues for MOOCs and Large Scale Examinations Robust, Objective Testing with Reverse Multiple-choice


MOOC Topics in the News: Migration, the Federal Reserve and More

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