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MOOCs Continue to Spur the Evolution of Digital Education | GoCertify

Barriers to quality post-secondary education continue to fall with the ongoing forward march of MOOCs.

The Highly Engaging MOOC: It’s All About Being Social

Now is an incredible time to be a learning professional. From learning technology to learner methodologies, we’re in a unique place in history. Distance learning is one of the most exciting evolutions in our space. From the highly collaborative Interactive Video Learning (IVL) to the evolving one-to-many virtual learning technologies such as Adobe Connect, we have a number of options available to deliver quality content to virtual audiences.

Faculty engagement in MOOCs benefits students in resident courses | Penn State University

Teaching massive open online courses (MOOCs) has helped some Penn State University Park faculty members take their teaching to a new level of engagement, which has directly benefited students in their resident courses.

Skilling India at scale, with MOOCs

Of late, there has been much excitement about leveraging India’s demographic dividend to become the workshop of the world, powered by its young population.

I’ve got an “Erie” feeling that we’re on the wrong track. | Class Acts

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are now being “stacked” into “Nanodegrees” from Udacity and “Specializations” from Coursera, which demonstrate expertise in a given field. Coding bootcamps and vendor-specific certification bodies are beginning to issue a new breed of credential such as the “MicroDegree” and the “Double-Click Degree”. The former is a digital credential certifying that the holder has completed a minimum of 1,000 MicroCredits in a designated professional discipline. The latter, as Ryan Craig puts it in his book, “College Disrupted”, is “a way station on the road to the unbundling of the college degree”. As these forms of competency verification become more broadly recognized by hiring managers, those holding such alternative and emerging credentials will have a better chance of competing on a level playing field.

How Much Time Should an Online Course Take? | OUseful.Info, the blog…

Five years or so ago, when MOOCs were still a new thing, I commented on what seemed to be the emerging typical duration of open online courses: Open Courses: About 10 Weeks Seems To Be It, Then? For the OU’s 10 week short courses, which nominally required up to 10 hours study a week (the…

University joins edX as charter member

The University of Michigan announced a partnership Monday with global nonprofit online learning destination edX, further expanding the university’s experimentation with digital learning and learning analytics.

Peer Pressure Will Help You Finish That MOOC (EdSurge News)

The completion rate for MOOCs hovers between 2 and 10 percent. Enthusiasm about these free online courses reached its fever pitch in 2012 and has since fizzled, with companies like Udacity and Coursera pivoting towards models that promise skills development rather than the disruption of higher educ

Online lectures in Bengali, for free

A principal’s plea proves to be the inspiration for, which crowdsources lessons for the underprivileged

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