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Using MOOCs to Fill In Your Weak Spots | GradHacker | Inside Higher Ed

But, don’t be shy about talking to your advisor or colleagues. Convincing your colleagues or friends to join you in the course can help you persist and complete the course. And, no decent professor will scorn a student working to improve their knowledge. If you can muster the courage to articulate this gap in your knowledge to your supervisor, telling them will help you commit to completing the course. Your supervisor can also be a great support in choosing a course that will be most relevant to your work. For example, I was only able to find a useful MOOC to learn about how fluids like blood work when my supervisor told me to search for “Transport Phenomena”.

ISU online course on Iowa Caucuses draws international attention

With the first of four sessions of Iowa State University’s first massive open online course (MOOC), which covered the Iowa Caucuses, having just wrapped up, political science professor Steffen Schmidt said the session was “very satisfying,” having had more than 1,300 enrolled in the first session, and at this time, more than 2,000 enrolled through the four different sessions of the course.

Pedro Lasch and Art on the Internet — Duke Today

Pedro Lasch and Art on the Internet — Duke Today

A miracle of preservation | Harvard Gazette

HarvardX’s MOOC ‘The Book’ bridges modern and medieval | HarvardX’s MOOC “The Book” uses technology to mine ancient texts and bridge the modern and the medieval.

Can Online Education Help Refugees Earn Degrees?

But while the courses Kiron plans to offer in the first two years are all MOOCs produced by top universities like Harvard, Kiron isn’t accredited. To earn a degree, Kiron’s would-be students must transfer to one of the university’s partner institutions at the beginning of their third year.

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