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MOOC on Data Journalism ends with record participation and project diversity

The “Basic Techniques of Data Journalism” course, offered by the Knight Center and the Brazilian National Association of Newspapers (ANJ for its acronym in Portuguese) with Google’s supp

MIT Master’s Program to Use MOOCs as ‘Admissions Test’

Students who do well in a series of free online courses will enhance their chances of being accepted into a supply-chain-management program on the campus.

MIT Unveils ‘MicroMaster’s,’ Allowing Students to Get Half Their Degree From MOOCs – The Ticker – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will begin allowing students to earn half of a master’s degree through online courses, then cap it off with a single semester on the campus. The university’s president, L. Rafael Reif, announced the pilot program on Wednesday.

Higher ed, Lower Costs | Excellence in Philanthropy | The Philanthropy Roundtable

UoPeople styles itself as the un-MOOC (the massive open online courses that some universities and teachers popped onto the Internet starting a few years ago). For one thing, it attracts a different demographic from those large, less structured, much looser, à la carte class offerings. A big proportion of the users of many popular MOOCs, states Reshef, already have secondary or advanced degrees. Because users are generally seeking personal enrichment, not practical advancement, the rate at which participants complete the courses is very low. By contrast, “our students do not come with a previous academic degree, yet 95 percent of them complete each course. They realize this is the last opportunity to get out of the situation that they’re in, so they’ll do anything in order to succeed.”

U Michigan Scales up MOOC Missions — Campus Technology

The University of Michigan is expanding its MOOC presence. The institution, which was a founding partner in Coursera, will now be offering its massive, open, online courses on edX too, the first to begin in April 2016. The university also has ties to a third MOOC platform, NovoEd, which runs both educator and corporate operations.

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