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How Coursera Cracked The Chinese Market

Most U.S. consumer Internet companies have a hard time breaking into China. Cultural differences and the Internet firewall are a huge barrier to entry. Even..

Is there more to a MOOC than its completion rate? – eCampus News

University sees measurable success outside of traditional standards of academic course success.

How an India-US hackathon is boosting the Skill India mission

A total of 55 ideas flowed out of the 14-hour hackathon hosted at Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley and Tech Mahindra’s facilities in Noida.

Massive open online courses haven’t lived up to the hopes and the hype, professors say

Three years after a groundswell of online learning swept through higher education, Stanford researchers who were at the forefront of the movement have concluded that online learning has not been the cure-all that many educators had hoped for. Nonetheless, the techniques developed for online learning may lead to great advances in how students learn, both online and in conventional classrooms.

Are MOOC Forums Echo Chambers or Bridging Spaces?

Proposal for a new research study to investigate whether online MOOC forums are places where people form their own silos or come together across differences.

Improving MOOC retention by a multiple of five – University World News

The availability of credits for a MOOC – massive open online course – at St George’s University in Grenada in the Caribbean was a prime driver of a more than five-fold rise in student retention, from 11% completion in 2013 to 58% the following year, the International Council for Open and Distance Education conference heard this week.

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