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Can MOOCs Really Boost Your Career? Findings From Coursera’s First Impact Report (EdSurge News)

Massive open online courses were built on the premise of making quality instructional content available to any learner, anywhere, anytime.
But simply increasing the number of educational opportunities isn’t enough to make an impact on learning, as Daphne Koller, co-founder and president of Courser

‘This change will be the end of the Open University as we know it’

Staff are balloting for strike action as OU plans to close seven of nine regional centres in England amid competition from free online courses such as Moocs

MOOCs Are Still Rising, at Least in Numbers – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education

When one of the first massive open online courses appeared at Stanford University, 160,000 students enrolled. It was 2011, and fewer than 10 MOOCs existed worldwide.


It has been four years since then, and according to a new report, the cumulative number of MOOCs has reached nearly 4,000.


Where is L&D heading?

Regarding MOOC qualifications, I think many of us are still looking at them the wrong way. When we worry about the status of their credentials or lose sleep over their completion rates, we’re perpetuating an out-dated paradigm of education based on formal learning. I prefer to see MOOCs through the lens of informal learning which values the learning over its bureaucracy. If a job applicant lists some MOOCs on their CV, I think it demonstrates an aptitude to drive their own development.

Eliza VanCort Says: Act As If You Deserve a Promotion

“Cornell contracted with us (AWI) to coach their people with their on-camera skills for MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses),” said VanCort. In a traditional classroom, it doesn’t matter much if the professor drones on and on in a monotone, barely looking up from the podium. The students have to sit and listen anyway. But online teaching requires something a bit different, because if the presentation is boring, the student will walk away from the computer. Varying your tone of voice, standing straight, and looking at the camera can make a world of difference. 

Researchers: MOOCs Need to Mature More Before Becoming a Valuable Educational Tool

A handful of Stanford researchers have analyzed the value of online courses- specifically MOOCs (massive open online courses)- and have concluded that while there are benefits to online learning, the courses are not the “cure all” to education leaders had hoped for.

70 world-class scientists create free course to explore extremes of the Universe

70 world-class scientists create free course to explore extremes of the Universe – SpaceRef

UNC won’t give MOOCs credit in near future

Massive open online courses are starting to change the nature of academics and admissions across the world, but UNC might not be ready for such major changes.

Value of MOOCs more nuanced than completion rates

Kennesaw State measured the courses’ branding benefits, increased access to materials, and return on investment from enrollment.

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