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Study: Who Teaches MOOCs? | Inside Higher Ed

The average instructor of a massive open online course is most likely to be a white man in his 50s with two decades of experience in academe but none in online education, according to a study by researchers at Indiana University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Jessica G. Myrick, assistant professor in IU’s Media School, and Suzannah Evans, a doctoral student at UNC-Chapel Hill, in spring and summer 2014 surveyed 707 instructors teaching on edX and Coursera, two leading MOOC platforms. The report appears in Distance Education.

An Open Letter to Sherry Turkle On MOOCs and Online Learning

I am writing this open letter to you after reading your chapter on Education in your important, indispensable, and beautifully written new book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.  

MOOCs haven’t lived up to the hopes and the hype – Stanford

Massive online classes for virtually everyone were supposed to change the world of education, but it hasn’t worked out that way yet, say three Stanford professors who have been involved since the beginning.

Study reveals how to improve MOOC effectiveness by 600 percent | The Horizons Tracker

A new paper from Carnegie Mellon suggests that a change to learning approach is required to make MOOCs more effective.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
We could substitute "MOOC effectiveness" with learning or teaching effectiveness.

What’s a “communiversity”? Meet the maker of, bringing science education to everyday mainland China

Ji Xiaohua,who has a PhD in neurobiology, started,a simple science news and online education website, on the mainland in 2010. Its massive open online course (MOOC) platform enables laymen to try the courses of elite global institutions…

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