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EDB Investments participates in $61.1m Coursera Series C

Since November 2013, the MOOC market has seen a surge in growth, with research from market research firm Ambient Insight suggesting that self-paced e-learning market has reached a capitalisation of US$47.9 billion in 2015, with revenues of US$50.4 billion predicted by 2020.

MOOCs biggest Month: Choose From 1,100 MOOCs In October – MOOC Report

The explosive growth of MOOCs has led to over 1,000 MOOCs being available this month. Plus, Coursera have implemented a new session-based take on their “On Demand” platform.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
Who said MOOCs were dying?

Why peer review needs a good going over

The process is a vital to academia but many are unhappy with how it works. New research sets out to explore where peer review falls short of expectations

Peter Mellow’s insight:
Lessons here for peer review assessment as well.

Lessons from the MOOC investment gold rush

Now that we’ve had a few years of investment in MOOCs we can reflect on what this period tells us. I’m not talking about the value of MOOCs themselves, their pedagogy, or technology, bu…

Taken, run or produced a MOOC?

The MOOC Survey Hello! Taken, run or produced a MOOC? Take the MOOC survey or pass onto interested colleagues and let’s see how we’re all using them

Online courses + time on campus = a new path to an MIT master’s degree

Pilot program reimagines admissions process, introduces “MicroMaster’s.”

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