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Online courses benefit 90 per cent of Indian students: Survey : News

According to the survey, India has done significantly better than other countries in availing education through online programmes.

MOOCs in the Media: The Story Behind the Story

Paper presented at The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, Hagen, FernUniversitat, 29th October.

How Online Classes Can Help Your Career

Want to get ahead in your career? Join the crowd. Fifty-two percent of Coursera students are taking online courses to improve their career, according to president and co-founder Daphne Koller. Of those students, 87% get benefits from online education, she says. “That benefit comes in many different flavors, some of them just find themselves doing better at their current jobs,” Koller says. At least 34% get what she calls a tangible benefit, like a raise, a higher paying job, or starting a new business. Employers are looking for more than people with more than just a specific skill-set; they’re also looking for people who are motivated self-starters.

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