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Mao’s MOOC revolution

EdX hosts an assortment of offerings on Chinese history. There’s the Study of Folklore from Peking University, a look at international politics from Seoul National University and a five-part series on everything from aristocratic culture to neo-Confucianism from Harvard University. One course, from China’s prestigious Tsinghua University, focuses specifically on Mao Zedong, his philosophies and role in China’s “socialist transformation”.

5 Ways That Campus MOOC Initiatives Impact Local Residential Learning | Technology and Learning | Inside Higher Ed

A conversation with the practitioners of open online learning.

Engaging Alumni and Students Using Online Education Technology

Small, undergraduate liberal arts colleges like Colgate University can take advantage of technologies used in MOOCs (traditionally offered by larger research universities) to create limited, private online courses designed to engage students and alumni with each other and with interactive online activities.

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