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MOOC Quality Comes Down To This: Effective Course Design | Online Learning Insights

There’s little data to go on to determine the quality of learning outcomes in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Traditional education measures the quality of learning with a variety of assessment methods against a set of established criteria or objectives. But MOOCs don’t fit into the traditional education mold and given it’s usually unclear what the intended outcomes are for MOOCs, assessment is challenging (Gaebel, 2013). If the objective is to deliver quality learning there’s little to go on except for low completion rates and even smaller percentages of student rankings of their perceptions of learning (via end-of-MOOC surveys).

Why corrections effort needs to improve now – Times Union

Mr. Nass asked me to poll my peers to see which courses they would be interested in, while he began to reach out to MOOC providers. Then I reached out to the program administrators at Attica and requested a meeting to pool our resources, discuss technological logistics, and see if they’d be open to streaming TED Talks on the facility channel until the MOOCs were in place. I never got a response.

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