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Moocs-for-credit partnership sees slow start on completions

Less than 1 per cent of those enrolled on Global Freshman Academy courses eligible for credit, but university involved says it is ‘positive first step’

Donald Clark Plan B: Downes & Siemens – Connectivists & MOOC men

At Online Educa, I gave a talk called ‘2500 years of learning – the good, the bad and the ugly’. It went down well but at the end Stephen Downes, who was in the audience, came up to me and made the reasonable claim, that I had mentioned Ng & Koller but not his good self. He was right. I have a lot of time for both of these guys, so I have rectified this by writing this short piece and will be including Downes and Siemens in my future versions of the talk. Here’s my short piece….

Class Central’s Zeitgeist: A Year in MOOCs — 2015

What our internal statistics reveal about MOOCs in 2015


4 Australian Universities in the top 10 Universities offering MOOCs!

Could Email Fix A Troubled Form of Online Education?

A few years ago, it seemed MOOCs were destined to revolutionize education.
MOOCs (which stands for Massive Online…

English Grammar and Essay Writing MOOC

An introduction to academic writing for English Language Learners, focusing on essay development, grammatical correctness, and self-editing.

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