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December 2015

5 Biggest MOOC Trends of 2015 – Class Central’s MOOC Report

Continued Growth in MOOCs fueled by Expanding Availability, Monetization and Funding

Moving Into the Post-MOOC Era

I sometimes wonder if we might have already entered the post-MOOC era. This is something other than the Gartner “trough of disillusionment,” although some of that is already evident. There is no question, I think, but that the MOOC has shaken up the higher education establishment to a degree for which there may be no precedent. But is the MOOC the whole story? What will its lasting mark be?

What Drives a Successful MOOC? An Empirical Examination of Criteria to Assure Design Quality of MOOCs

What Drives a Successful MOOC? An Empirical Examination of Criteria to Assure Design Quality of MOOCs on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

5 sites that teach you coding for free – Digjitale

Coding is not a thing only for geeks anymore. It has become part of everything that surrounds us, and jobs of the present and the future are in direct connection to it.

MOOC: A viable corporate learning alternative – The Nation

ONE HUNDRED years ago, we may have called the library a MOOC as the disruptor in the sense that it provided knowledge to so many who wanted “in”….

Designed for Learning!: My Reflections on ‘Learning How to Learn’

This year, I completed my third #MOOC course called ‘Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects’. This course is offered by University of California, San Diego through Coursera and is taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley, Prof of Engineering at Oakland University and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, Francis Crick Prof at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Through this post, I want to reflect on my experience with the course and what I learned about learning. 

ColinHickie’s insight:
great insight

MOOC Trends in 2015: Big MOOC Providers Find their Business Models – Class Central’s MOOC Report

The Big MOOC Providers Find their Business Models — Credits and Credentials

Behind Wharton’s Massive Bet on Online Learning

An early move into MOOCs made Wharton an international giant in online education.

MITx u.lab: Education As Activating Social Fields

Until last year, the number of students in my classes at MIT numbered 50 or so. Less than twelve months later, I have just completed my first class with 50,000 registered participants. They came from

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