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Online university course on Roberts Burns is a global hit

MORE than 5,000 people from five continents have signed up to the the Robert Burns Poetry and Song Legacy course, which is run by the University of Glasgow.

ColinHickie’s insight:
Scottish universities are producing some of the best and most popular MOOCs at the moment. great work everyone!!

Cheaper mass online courses cheapen students’ education

On Friday the Board of Regents will hear a presentation about the top issues facing the Nevada System of Higher Education. Not surprisingly, funding and student success will take center stage, yet one proposed solution should raise some eyebrows. It would make teaching cheaper by replacing faculty-taught online classes with massive open online courses, also known as MOOCs. The surprising part isn’t the innovative shock value of the solution, but that MOOCs are being discussed again.

India is top target for online universities – BBC News

India, with its huge education-hungry population, is the prime target of one of the world’s biggest online university providers.

Would better supports help MOOCs boost community colleges’ reach?

Massive open online courses were going to revolutionize higher education. That hasn’t happened, but more colleges and universities are considering how to incorporate them into their existing operations. Arizona State University offers the Global Freshman Academy, giving students a year’s worth of coursework in an edX MOOC format, and Georgia Tech now delivers a Master’s in Computer Science degree through Udacity’s MOOC platform.

EdTech: Mooc Platforms Force B-Schools To Embrace Blended Online/Campus Learning

Decades’ old institutions try to stay relevant in hyper-connected world

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