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There’s a lot we’re not learning when we try to learn online

Online learning, in 2016, is no longer the cautious experiment it once was. Universities all over the world are warming up to the idea of internet-based degree programs, while free online education—popularly offered in the form of massive open online courses, or MOOCs—remains a booming area.

Future of higher education in Bangladesh

Higher education is considered a very significant area for any country’s socio, political and economic development. Throughout history universities have played a very important role in generating and disseminating knowledge, much to the benefit of human beings and human civilizations. As creators and purveyors of knowledge, the universities’ contributions are widely accepted in the societies and seldom require any elaboration. 

Hardly Anyone Wants to Take a Liberal Arts MOOC (EdSurge News)

SCANT INTEREST: Of edX’s top five courses of 2015, only one—The Science of Happiness—is unrelated to programming. None involve the liberal arts. It’s not for lack of choice, either: 130 of edX’s courses fall under “Humanities,” and 65 are listed as “Arts and Culture,” according to Quartz. The public

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