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High School Students Explore Beginning Architecture – and Perhaps a Career

Limited Open Online Course (LOOC). The idea is similar to a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which a number of colleges and universities offer publicly. The LOOC is limited to those who are invited – high schools, teachers, and students sign up at the beginning of the semester.

TED isn’t a cult. Here’s what attendees actually believe | New York News

That is, TED is the original Ivory Tower Massively Open Online Course (MOOC): attendees pay big bucks to network with their peers, but the knowledge is freely open to all.

First dairy MOOC, offered by Penn State, drawing international attention | Penn State University

Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences has a long history of helping to fulfill the University’s land-grant mission by providing educational outreach to dairy farmers and other producers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Now, utilizing the latest educational technology and methods, the college is poised to offer “Dairy Production and Management,” the world’s first dairy-related “massive, open online course” (or MOOC to the tech savvy).

Udacity Students Come to Silicon Valley — Campus Technology

Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun touted the company’s new program announced in January called Nanodegree Plus, which guarantees that students enrolled in four of Udacity’s online programs — Senior Web Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer and Machine Learning — will find employment in the United States within six months of graduation or receive a full tuition refund.

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