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eLearning course drop-out rates on the rise

With drop-out rates at an all time high, eLearning providers are looking at what makes a successful online course.

MOOC’s Here. Are Our Teachers, Colleges Ready? – The Economic Times

IIMB offers 15 MOOCs on the IIMBx platform through edX, a not-for-profit online initiative of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology .

What MOOCs Teach Us

Online education offers one effective way to close the skills gap.

Udemy thinks they’ve “cracked online education” they haven’t. But… – Mark Smithers

Last week, on the Time web site, Udemy CO Dennis Yang claims to have “cracked online education”. They haven’t of course and this is exactly the sort of glib claim guaranteed to to annoy those that have thought deepest and longest about the ways in which technology can be used in education. There is a ‘but’ though. Whilst Udemy’s claim is overstated they are, in fact, onto something and that something is that

Udemy Thinks It’s Cracked the Future of Online Education

On Feb. 12, Udemy will announce that more than 10 million students have taken one of its courses.

In the Developing World, MOOCs Start to Get Real

Putting free U.S. college courses online is only the first step to filling higher education needs around the world.

Donald Clark Plan B: 10 ways MOOCs have forced Universities into a rethink

MOOCs have made us think. As one of the most fascinating developments in higher education in my lifetime, they are,in many ways, a pioneer of a more ‘open’ spirit in learning.

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