ENROLLING IN A NEW LIFE: Refugees in Germany will have access to a new collaborative effort from edX and Kiron, a crowd-funded university that serves degree-seeking refugees, starting April 2016. According to a post on edX’s blog, Kiron will offer 300 edX courses on its online platform, and edX will issue free verified certificates for college credit to students who complete classes. These certificates will count towards degrees at Kiron’s university partners, where refugees can transfer to complete their studies on a campus after completing their initial courses online. American universities are expected to join the initiative in the coming months.

EdX is just beginning to offer college credit to student who complete courses, according to the Wharton School of Business. CEO Anant Agarwal recently spoke at the Wharton’s Reimagine Education conference, saying “College credit is our ultimate threshold…The power of technology, the power of software, is that we can give it away for free. Free is powerful.”