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MOOC instructors may need more support for successful courses | Science Codex

Supporting instructors of massive open online courses — MOOCs — may be just as important to the creation of long-term, successful courses as attracting and supporting students, according to a group of researchers.

Donald Clark Plan B: 10 reasons why 2015 is the year of the MOOC

2012 was heralded, largely by people who had never taken any, as the year of the MOOC. 2013 was heralded, largely by people who hadn’t taken any, as the year MOOCs died, 2014 saw realism emerge with a swing towards real demand (vocational) demand and 2015 finished as what Stuart Sutherland called “the actual Year of the MOOC”. Here are his reasons for this last statement:

Can social media enhance the MOOC experience? – eCampus News

Researchers say ‘yes,’ but only when taking into consideration 3 key issues. Though social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular for communication and collaboration—even among academics—when applied to online learning, course designers must understand that providing more options for communication without integration is not always best. This is the main finding of

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