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Educating women, educating a nation

“There is no tool more effective for development than the empowerment of women.” -Kofi Annan There is no doubt that education in general, and female education in particular, remains a high priority for most developing countries. The old adage holds that if you educate a woman, you educate an entire family and by extension the…

Free Moocs act as try-before-you-buy model for online courses –

In the early days of online learning, schools and students were optimistic that the advent of Moocs (massive open online courses) would revolutionise business education. However, an evaluation published in September by Stanford University professors

Peter Mellow’s insight:
Thanks to Anthony D’Costa from The University of Melbourne for pointing out this great article.

EdTech Trends: On-Demand Tutoring

On-demand tutoring seems to have reached a point where this feature made it on the must-have list for both edtech startups and established players alike.

The Global Search For Education: Latin America Is Online

The Global Search for Education (GSE) is a regular contributor to the Edmodo Blog. Authored by C.M. Rubin, GSE brings together distinguished thought leaders in

Have MOOC Surfaced a New Breed of Learner?

Who are the people who benefit from MOOCs? By studying these people, might be gain insights into the traits of connected learners?

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