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Moocs contain cutting-edge theories not dusty, old ideas

ONE of the most exciting developments on the internet over the past few years has been the rise of the “moocs” — an acronym that expands into massive open online courses.

Ever since Coursera and Udacity were spawned by Stanford and edX by Harvard, giving university education away freely via the internet has attracted a fair amount of hostility from less elite tertiary institutions.

I am filing today a privacy complaint in thirteen European regions against Coursera, Inc. — Medium

Happy Data Protection Day, everyone!

Coursera Pilots Mentor-Guided Courses – Class Central’s MOOC Report

Coursera launches a mentorship program in which students can get 1-on-1 guidance and feedback from industry experts.

Rowe’s Jazz Session Reaches 600+ Around the World

Performance Offered as Part of Jazz: The Music, The Stories, The Players edX Course

Digital disruptions will drag universities into the 21st century

BDlive covers economics, business and politics as the website of Business Day, the South African national daily newspaper, including Business Times

Duke tuition expert: Middle class being squeezed by college costs

However, not yet. Not at selective, elite, research-intensive, teaching-intensive universities. But something’s going to happen. If I had to bet, I would bet that some of the components of MOOCs—not MOOCs themselves—but some of the technologies will find themselves in collaborations in state universities first, because that’s where the big savings are going to be. Right now, you’re teaching Chemistry [101] to a few thousand people at University X. If you can take the lecture part of that and reduce it or cooperate with different universities, you’ve saved some money and put it in other places.

NPTEL in talks with universities, Nasscom for MOOC endorsement

Read more about NPTEL in talks with universities, Nasscom for MOOC endorsement on Business Standard. NPTEL, which is offering 990 course today, has seen rise in number of registered candidates to over 620,000

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