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Universities’ future uncertain without change: by Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, Professor Greg Whittred.

New Zealand universities and business schools have a maximum of five years to re-invent themselves in a fast-changing world – or face a scary future, according to the Dean of the – New Zealand Herald

先生: Spice up your brain with a MOOC

I am an open advocate of what I recently heard to be an outdated leadership and development principle, that if you invest in quality training that is meaningful (to the participants) and targeted to the individual or team, you improve professional practice and overall standards because the nurturing process helps to develop a purposeful and…

Stop slighting the MOOC, and let it grow up

Carolyn McIntyre, CEO of MoocLab

Slighting MOOCs has become trendy, it seems. They’re not what they were deemed to be; they’re failin

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