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EdTech: Mooc Sites Are Forcing Elite B-Schools To Embrace Digital Innovation

Silicon Valley start-ups have shaken up entire university model

Scaling development learning with MOOCs

“The main point I took away from the course is that PPPs are a complex process and are only as good as the legal, regulatory and technical framework that support them,” said Felister Munyua, a participant in the World Bank Group’s Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). “To ensure their success a country must work on building these resources.” 

Crowdsourcing the Curriculum: A MOOC for Personalized, Connected Learning

Personalized learning at scale requires a balance between student autonomy and instructor-led direction and scaffolding, along with openness as a pedagogy and toward content licensing, to achieve personalized, crowdsourced, connected learning.

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