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March 2016

International Education News l The PIE News l MOOCs move from free to fee as skills demand grows

News and business analysis for Professionals in International Education

EdTech: Mooc Sites Are Forcing Elite B-Schools To Embrace Digital Innovation

Silicon Valley start-ups have shaken up entire university model

Scaling development learning with MOOCs

“The main point I took away from the course is that PPPs are a complex process and are only as good as the legal, regulatory and technical framework that support them,” said Felister Munyua, a participant in the World Bank Group’s Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). “To ensure their success a country must work on building these resources.” 

Crowdsourcing the Curriculum: A MOOC for Personalized, Connected Learning

Personalized learning at scale requires a balance between student autonomy and instructor-led direction and scaffolding, along with openness as a pedagogy and toward content licensing, to achieve personalized, crowdsourced, connected learning.

Futurelearn and York team up on four new MOOCS

University of York to offer new, free pathway to attract broader range of learners into higher education

The Pedagogy of MOOCs

There is a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and change happening in today’s education sector. Existing and new education providers are leveraging the Internet, ICT infrastructure, digital content, open licensing, social networking, and interaction to create new forms of education. Open Educational Resources (OER) (including open textbooks), Open Access, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)…

From Books to MOOCs? Emerging Models of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

From Books to MOOCs? Emerging Models of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Universities’ future uncertain without change: by Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, Professor Greg Whittred.

New Zealand universities and business schools have a maximum of five years to re-invent themselves in a fast-changing world – or face a scary future, according to the Dean of the – New Zealand Herald

先生: Spice up your brain with a MOOC

I am an open advocate of what I recently heard to be an outdated leadership and development principle, that if you invest in quality training that is meaningful (to the participants) and targeted to the individual or team, you improve professional practice and overall standards because the nurturing process helps to develop a purposeful and…

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