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March 2016

Stop slighting the MOOC, and let it grow up

Carolyn McIntyre, CEO of MoocLab

Slighting MOOCs has become trendy, it seems. They’re not what they were deemed to be; they’re failin

Cloud-Based Online Education Systems Will Drive the Online Education Market in India until 2020, Says Technavio | Business Wire

According to the latest research report released by Technavio, the online education market in India is expected to reach close to over USD 12 billion

​The Linux Foundation and edX offer free cloud infrastructure MOOC | ZDNet

Understanding cloud technologies tops the list of most important skills for any developer, sysadmin or emerging DevOps professional. If you don’t believe me, just try to hire a cloud expert. Good luck!

This course won’t turn you into an expert, but it will at least get you on your way. It provides a primer on cloud computing and DevOps software. It will cover next-generation cloud technologies like Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes, and OpenStack. The course will also provide an overview of software-defined storage and networking solutions and a review of DevOps and continuous integration best practices.

Trump University’s Online Materials Are a Lot Better Than Your University’s Online Materials

The Online Courses for Trump University Were Well-Designed

So here’s what I want to tell you about the online portion of Trump University: It probably puts your university’s online courses to shame. It certainly makes a mockery of what Silicon Valley darlings Coursera and Udacity call courses.

Facebook assists social learning for students

What is interesting is that even after a MOOC has finished its teaching cycle, these ongoing communities of practice still flourish, with students keeping the conversation alive around the topic they are studying. Sharing resources and links as well as many deep and rich discussions make this social media site an ongoing learning platform in its own right for the students who choose to use it.

What are common tools used to capture lectures in MOOC courses such as edX?

Shiksha Parivartan

Thanks for Asking to Answer.
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Psychology of Political Activism: Smith’s MOOC Launches This Week « – Smith College Grécourt Gate Smith College Grécourt Gate

Sydney Uni’s first MOOC rethinks a 21st century music education – Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The University of Sydney’s first MOOC, centred on teaching music in the 21st century, launches this month and urges music educators to rethink how technology is used to motivate school students to learn and make music.

State of the MOOC 2016

Often hosted by professors from Ivy League schools like Stanford, MIT, Yale, Harvard and several well-known international institutions, the number of massive open online courses has exploded in recent years. In January alone, more than 4,550 MOOCs were made available according to MOOC database, Class Central, over 600 more than were offered at the end of December 2015.

Colleges and universities below the Top 50 show an average of 18 fewer MOOCs per university than those above the Top 50 mark, the difference between an average of 21 and an average of 3. Undoubtedly, much of this inequity can be explained by the high cost of designing, developing and building a MOOC, a cost often unfeasible for the non-elite.

Meanwhile, corporate learning departments at many of the biggest names in tech—Google, Microsoft, Tenaris and AT&T—are seeing a rise in completion rates for their MOOCs, some as high as 80 percent. This in addition to reports from international MOOC users on receiving returns on their investment by way of increased career options suggests that massive open online courses are becoming more successful than last year’s coverage led us to believe.
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