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Coursera is offering a way to get a real master’s degree for a lot less money

Digital learning company Coursera, which has over 15 million people around the world taking its massive online open courses (MOOCs), markets itself to a wide demographic— from curious middle schoolers to mid-career professionals seeking promotions at work. The company thinks it can do more to help out the latter.  Coursera yesterday (March 30) announced a new progra

Facebook Course Groups Can Increase MOOC Engagement

Using Facebook groups and dedicated course pages can help students in MOOCs communicate better with each other and teachers, new data suggests.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
I’m glad we did this with our MOOCs from day one. Some of our MOOC study groups have over 25,000 members now and are an ongoing study community of practice even after the course has finished. Rich and vibrant communities.

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