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This Mongolian Teenager Aced a MOOC. Now He Wants to Widen Their Impact.

Battushig Myanganbayar enrolled at MIT after crushing one of its first massive open online courses. And he has some ideas about how they could make a real difference in the developing world.

Social media interaction tools might make MOOCs stickier

Developers of massive open online courses—or MOOCs—may want to take a page from Facebook to keep more students engaged and enrolled, according to researchers.

Here’s how Facebook helps students to study online – Times of India

In a study that compared MOOC student use of the course’s Facebook groups to use of the built-in course message boards and forums, researchers said students were more engaged on the Facebook groups and also admitted to the researchers that they preferred interacting more on the social media site than through the course tools.​

Facebook would boost MOOCs

Subtle course design changes and Facebook-style forums could boost completion of massive open online courses, American researchers say.

McGraw-Hill Education establishes its software status with GFA deal

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