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The Impact of MOOCs Over the Next Twenty Years

Are MOOCs the future of education in 20 years or an intermediate thing? originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Joseph Konstan, Computer Science Professor, University of Minnesota, on Quora.

I think MOOCs are part of an ongoing evolution that dates back to at least the invention of the textbook (long long ago). This trend has had at least two key elements over centuries:

From MOOC to MOOR: Is ‘massive open online research’ (MOOR) the next frontier for education? 

UC San Diego is launching the first major online course that prominently features massive open online research (MOOR). In “Bioinformatics Algorithms

[…] “All students who sign up for the course will be given an opportunity to work on specific research projects under the leadership of prominent bioinformatics scientists from different countries, who have agreed to interact and mentor their respective teams….

MOOCs prove that universities can and should embrace online learning

Higher education institutions should not fear failure when it comes to new technology, says Kerri Morgan

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