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May 2016

Should MOOCs incorporate Facebook for collaboration?

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Melbourne’s massive sign-up

The University of Melbourne has surpassed its millionth massive open online course enrolment just three years after going live. The university now offers 20 courses, attracting enrolments from 188 countries, more than 30 per cent of them emerging nations.

MOOCs shake up online education – CCTV News – English

Millions across China are now learning new skills through Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOCs, as the online education industry takes off in China.

Can MOOCs offer anything new? | History Today

Why do we care about history? Can it teach us anything of relevance to the modern world? For most of us, how we imagine history is shaped by the modern mass media. Television and the heritage industry provide us with narratives that define who we are, or think we are. Many of these narratives deal with the history that has made our ‘nation’ what it is today. Occasionally, history is also treated as a warning: it tells us how to avoid becoming what we do not want to be. That is why ‘difficult histories’ are so prominent on our screens and in our museums: that of Nazi Germany, in particular, but histories of Empire, slavery and other forms of inequality continue to attract attention. Yet academic historians often argue that history cannot be distilled into a single lesson: the past is a different country and provides no simple ‘how to’ guide for the present. 

How do you design and facilitate a year-long MOOC? | Training Journal

Making a MOOC: The background story | London Business School

How to make a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Can Facebook boost MOOC retention? – eCampus News

A new study on MOOC course design reveals that students prefer Facebook’s collaboration and interaction features to those of built-in MOOC communication tools.A new study reveals that students prefer Facebook’s collaboration and interaction to those of built-in MOOC communication tools.

Using MOOC Data for Your Benefit

Tap into universities’ wealth of online learner-related data to help your learning and development teams.

NIIT partners with edX to launch MOOC courses from MIT, W3C, Harvard & more

NIIT, a management and training solutions company for corporates and individuals has partnered with edX, an online learning platform to introduce Massive Open

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