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Mooc model creates disciplinary ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’

Certain fields are unable to participate in ‘democratisation of education’ because of issues such as copyright, says study

MOOQ is the European Alliance for Quality of Massive Open Online Courses

MOOQ is the European Alliance for Quality of Massive Open Online Courses, called MOOCs. 

The vision of MOOQ is to foster quality in MOOCs leading to a new era of learning experiences. MOOQ’s mission is to develop a quality reference framework for the adoption, the design, the delivery and the evaluation of MOOCs in order to empower MOOC providers for the benefit of the learners. 
The main goal of MOOQ is therefore the development and the integration of quality approaches, new pedagogies and organisational mechanisms into MOOCs with a strong focus on the learning processes, methodologies and assessments. 
To enhance the unique digital market in Europe, MOOQ will lead to new Q-generation of MOOCs that will be designed, organized and tested as qMOOCs. This will be done in close collaboration with all interested partners and stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

20160413 OE Global Conference Open Education Revolution or MOOCs Christian M. Stracke

Is Open Education a Revolution or are MOOCs only marketing instruments? Paper presentation and speech at OE Global Conference 2016 in Krakow by Dr. Christian M. Stracke (OUNL)

5 reasons why I don’t like MOOC’s and probably never will – Learning Visions

They have been around for a while now, MOOC’s, or Massive Open Online Courses. The idea is great, free education for the masses. Many universities now offer MOOC based courses on a large variety of topics and generally you only need to pay if you want a certificate. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, for me personally, MOOC’s don’t work. Let me give you five reasons why… (Oh and please remember that this is a very personal opinion, your experience may very well be very different!).

Are MOOCs in danger of becoming irrelevant?

As MOOCs and online courses retreat into vocational education, Jonathon Keats calls for a more expansive revival of online learning

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