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July 2016

Korean Version of MOOC Increasingly Popular

SEOUL, July 11 (Korea Bizwire) – If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a classroom at a prestigious university …

Earn credit towards a degree from free online courses

Australian universities are joining the global trend to offer credit towards a degree to students who complete free online courses.

Coursera president: bursting the Moocs bubble a boon for us

Daphne Koller says online platform reached millions of learners largely because of the publicity, both good and bad, about Moocs

The Life Between Big Data Log Events

Big data from massive open online courses (MOOCs) have enabled researchers to examine learning processes at almost infinite levels of granularity. Yet, such data sets do not track every important element in the learning process. Many strategies that MOOC learners use to overcome learning challenges are not captured in clickstream and log data. In this study, we interviewed 92 MOOC learners to better understand their worlds, investigate possible mechanisms of student attrition, and extend conversations about the use of big data in education. 

‘Top universities to offer full degrees online in five years’ – BBC News

Leading universities will offer fully accredited undergraduate courses online within five years, says the founder of a leading US online university network.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
I love the last sentence:
"The hype around Moocs might have faded, but the big impact could be about to begin."

Online education for more than one million students

University of Queensland experts, with UQ’s Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) program accepting its millionth enrolment at the weekend.

UQ runs 16 MOOCs through its UQx program, a service that offers free online university courses to anyone with access to the internet.

The Life Between Big Data Log Events: Learners’ Strategies to Overcome Challenges in MOOCs

This is a video summary of: Veletsianos, G., Reich, J., & Pasquini, L. A. (2016). The life between big data log events: Learners’ strategies to overcom

What We Learned From Talking with 100 MOOC Students

When faced with challenges, online learners draw on resources from their workstations, diverse online spaces, and their network of friends and family.

World First: University of Michigan’s Dr. Chuck Holds a Graduation Ceremony for MOOC Students – Class Central’s MOOC Report

University of Michigan has world-first MOOC graduation ceremony for the graduates of its Python Specialization on Coursera.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
Thanks to Chrissy Grubbs for this link!

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