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MOOCs no longer massive, still attract millions

The first ever MOOC I took had 160,000 people signed up for it. The forums were buzzing with activity. New posts were being added every few minutes. If I had any question at all, it had already been asked and answered by someone else. But recently I have noticed forum activity and interactions in MOOCs have declined drastically.

New MOOC exploring what managers really need from L&D | Training Journal

CHT2 Elearning Beyond and GoodPractice are joining forces to deliver a new course that takes a more detailed look at some of the research into online learning for leaders and managers.

The course: Inside L&D: What Managers Really Need, which starts on September 30, focuses on two recent reports released by GoodPractice and will run throughout October. Participants on the course will have the opportunity to: 
• Gain highly practical insights into how to apply the research findings
• Learn how to undertake similar research of their own
• Have a chance to take part in live events to further explore the course materials.

A boost for online learning – Education | The Star Online

LEARNING is life-long, but in recent years it has become borderless as well.

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