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With 1.7 million users, India is Coursera’s second largest market after the US

Coursera has said that it has 1.7 million users in India, making it their second largest market, after the US

 How Could MOOCs Become Accessible?The Case of edX and the Future of Inclusive Online Learning

…The main purpose of this research is to contribute to the discussion about the future of inclusive online learning, by proposing a software design to incorporate features in MOOC platforms to enable, support and guide authors toward conceptualizing, designing, building and testing accessible MOOCs. We also present the results of an evaluation of the accessibility issues of Studio, the edX course-authoring software, based on ATAG 2.0.

How Residential Campuses Are Using MOOCS to Enhance On-Campus Learning

Being and Learning in a Digital Age

October 2016 at The university of Pennsylvania

Free online course enabling improved digital accessibility | Electronics and Computer Science | University of Southampton

ECS academics are lead educators on free online course helping learners understand how accessible digital technologies can overcome barriers encountered by people with sensory, physical or cognitive impairments

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