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October 2016

First MOOC graduates its ONE MILLIONTH student worldwide – Firstlook – Go-Jamaica

Ten years after its founding, ALISON, the Irish-based global learning pioneer has graduated its one millionth student. The social enterprise focused on free basic education and skills training for the workplace is today one of the world’s largest free learning platforms.

UQ, edX and Microsoft to partner on K-12 Education Leadership course

A new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to help school leaders and teachers foster deep learning in their students has been announced by The University of Queensland, edX and Microsoft today.

Deep Learning Through Transformative Pedagogy has been developed by UQ’s School of Education and The Science of Learning Research Centre in partnership with UQx.

MOOC-Based Credential Options Expand in Online Education

In some programs, students can earn a low-cost master’s degree partially through massive open online courses, or MOOCs.

The effect of MOOCs on our thinking about Higher Education

In the last three years I contributed to the EU-funded project ‘Higher Education Online, MOOCs the European way. Before summer the project closed in Brussels with a policy forum on European MOOCs reflecting on policies, strategies and linked initiatives. It was backed by a collection of short papers from all over Europe on strategies and policies of governments, MOOC platform providers, HE-institutions and Higher Education networks in which collaborating on online and open education. 

Online Education Is Now a Global Market

MOOCs may have been overhyped, but their impact is far from over, says Simon Nelson, of the online-learning provider FutureLearn. And traditional colleges have a huge opportunity if they’re just willing to think a little differently.

My MOOC platform dreams ..and Elon Musk’s Mars colony

In spring of 2015, I posted on a Coursera forum a suggestion for learners to form our own MOOC (massive open online course) platform from learner perspectives and goals. This post generated some interest, which quickly died out as Coursera reversed its policy on no-more-video-downloads on its new platform; the policy which had provoked my suggestion and the forum discussion, in the first place.

Let’s talk MOOCs – The #MOOChour – Medium

Impactioneers is proud to present The #MOOChour, the ultimate Twitter Chat on anything MOOCs. It’s a chat for learners, teachers, enablers…

250 MOOCs and Counting: One Man’s Educational Journey

“I have hopefully become a much better, more informed and useful global citizen,” he says, “all without ever physically leaving my apartment.”

New Frontiers In Online Higher Education

We’ll look at the new cutting edge in online higher education. MOOC’s, micro-masters, and more. It’s getting better. It’s leading to good jobs.

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