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Why does L&D fail to get MOOCs?

MOOCs are a classic case of shiny thing syndrome.

This wouldn’t matter if this were the latest fad internal to L&D – a methodology or technology of interest to nobody else. But MOOCs are something people are actually using, and widely. In my conversations internationally with those running L&D departments, I hear very little about the use of MOOCs, while clearly the employees in those organisations are using them in growing numbers.

Sooner or later an L&D department is going to have to explain to an enthusiastic employee, manager or executive why it’s not making MOOCs available as part of the regular learning portfolio. A poor answer will lay L&D open to three dangerous challenges:

BBC World Service announces biggest expansion ‘since the 1940s’ – BBC News

The BBC World Service launches 11 new language services in its biggest expansion “since the 1940s”.

Peter Mellow’s insight:
Not a MOOC, but another brick on the globalisation of media and educational opportunities.

MOOC Trends in 2016: MOOCs No Longer Massive — Class Central

We’ve gained the ability to take MOOCs at any time, but lost something in the process

What European Leaders in EdTech Think of the State of MOOCs: Part 3 — Class Central

In this third part of the series we cover what European EdTech leaders think about the phasing out of the term “MOOC,” the surge in certification, the diversification of MOOC activities, and the accessibility of MOOCs.

Emirates offers LinkedIn Learning courses on ice

Dubai, UAE, 16 November 2016 – Emirates has partnered with LinkedIn to provide select LinkedIn Learning courses on ice, its award-winning inflight entertainment (IFE) system. Emirates is the first international airline to make these courses available on board. The new offering on ice is available fr

Oxford University To Offer First MOOC Early Next Year

Oxford University is joining the online education revolution.

Oxford University will offer free online courses in 2017

The highest ranked university in the world will soon join prestigious institutions like Berkeley, Harvard and MIT in offering free massive open online course

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