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November 2016

Mooc videos in blended learning practices

My presentation in Bett show 2016 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCSs) are playing an important role in university strategy discussions.

Oxford announces its partnership with edX and its first MOOC | University of Oxford

The University has announced a new development in its Digital Education Strategy: a partnership with edX which means that, as from today, people can start to enrol for its first massive open online course.

Coursera embraces Netflix subscription model for course access

News, voices and jobs for education professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone.

MOOCs: Expectations and Reality | Open Education Europa

MOOCs: Expectations and Reality
When Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence MOOC made headline news in 2011, one of the early predictions was that quality education at mass scale and at low cost was around the corner. Given our research center’s interest in the productivity of educational interventions, we have been watching for evidence that MOOCs are cost-effective in producing desirable educational outcomes compared to face-to-face experiences or other online interventions.

Digital Badging in the MOOC Space

Over the past year, the University of Notre Dame’s Kaneb Center for Teaching & Learning and the Office of Digital Learning designed five different Credly Open Badges across three edX MOOCs and issued them to 233 learners around the globe. Here they share what they discovered.

University of Oxford launches its first Mooc

World’s top-ranking university announces course on economic development through new collaboration with online platorm edX

Timeline for India’s MOOC platform- SWAYAM

by sflc_admin    |    November 10, 20162014: SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is announced by the Ministry of Human Rights Development (MHRD), as a national platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the count

Why Udacity and EdX Want to Trademark the Degrees of the Future—and What’s at Stake for Students (EdSurge News)

No one owns the term “master’s degree.” But upstart education providers dream of getting a lock on the words for the next generation of online graduate certifications. Their strategy says a lot about how today’s online programs differ from those in the past (Hint: duration and price are just one

U of A launches more massive open online courses to increase brand

The University of Alberta is adding another option to their range of massive open online courses. The MOO

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