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December 2016

Monetization Over Massiveness: Breaking Down MOOCs by the Numbers in 2016 (EdSurge News)

The modern massive open online course movement, which began when the first “MOOCs” were offered by Stanford professors in late 2011, is now half a decade old. In that time, MOOC providers have raised over $400 million and now employ more than a thousand staff.

The spotlight on these companies h

Why MOOCs Can Add More Value To A Student’s Profile Than You Think

Is participation in a MOOC considered truly significant (or of any value) in a student’s profile? This question was originally answered on Quora by Colleen van Lent.

MIT Intros MOOC Program in Development Economics with Blended Path to Master’s — Campus Technology

MIT has introduced a new blended “micromasters” program that can help people earn their master’s degree in data, economics and development policy.

UQ’s partnership with XuetangX a boon for Chinese students

The University of Queensland has partnered with education platform XuetangX to offer five massive open online courses (MOOCs) in Chinese, attracting an audience of more than 65,000 learners.

XuetangX, launched by Tsinghua University in 2013, is the biggest Chinese language MOOC platform, offering more than 1000 courses to six million users around the world.

Harvard and MIT Turn MOOC Data into Knowledge

Harvard and MIT have created open-source tools to manage the growing data from edX MOOCs. Their workflow can help higher education institutions learn more from their own educational data and improve the overall educational experience.

10 Things to Know About MOOCs in Online Education

Many massive open online courses, or MOOCs, now offer both free and paid options.

Oxford, Harvard, And Other Top Universities Offer Free Courses

Oxford and other top universities are offering online courses giving more opportunities for students who want to expand their skills and knowledge

Digital education: Pedagogy online : Nature : Nature Research

Mike Sharples weighs up a study on the great migration to digital education, from ‘flipped’ teaching to MOOCs.

This online education startup will refund your tuition if you don’t get a job after graduating

Sebastian Thrun helped stoke the hype around massive online open college courses—but has pivoted his own startup to focus on vocational training instead.

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