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May 2017

Are Pakistani universities doing enough to embrace MOOCs? – The Express Tribune

Advent of MOOCs is bringi­ng about a revolu­tion in teachi­ng and learni­ng method­s

Creating MOOCs for Students in Developing Countries

After an approach designed to attract students in developing countries missed its goals, St. George’s University in Grenada created a highly successful massive open online course (MOOC). Real-time interactions and solid student support were key to the turnaround.

Harvard Medical School Unveils Its First Online Certificate Program

To democritize medical education, Harvard Medical School has launched for the first time an online program for students and the general public. 

Enter the Compassionate Public Square for the Information Age | Technology and Learning

Like many institutions, the University of Michigan was inspired by the early aspirations of the massive open online course (MOOC) movement to democratize education and, in our case, to advance our mission as a public research university. We thought better of a big toe dip, saw reason for a deeper commitment to experimentation, and dove in head first for a swim. Many pushed for swimmers to pick a stroke and stay in their lanes. We prefer the flexibility of freestyle and open swim.

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