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Disability Awareness and Support – MOOC – Online course

Disability Awareness and Support from University of Pittsburgh. The goal of this course is to promote equal opportunity and the full participation of students with disabilities in higher education by helping participants advance their awarenes

Coursera to launch 130 healthcare courses and specializations

Coursera adds to its online offer 100 courses, 30 specializations and two master’s degrees on healthcare.

Much Ado About MOOCs: What’s Next in the Evolution of Open Online Courses

A lot has changed since 2012, the “Year of the MOOC.” Where are MOOCs today? How will this industry continue to evolve—and how will universities respond? We’ll answer those questions and more at our next EdSurge meetup.

Study offers data to show MOOCs didn’t achieve their goals

MIT researchers document low retention rates, enrollment declines and general affluence of students to explain why massive open online course providers have largely ditched their original model.

By The Numbers: MOOCs in 2018

In 2018, MOOC learners cross 100 million.

Forget Moocs: could Coocs open up education to all? | Tes News

Community open online courses (Coocs) allow learners to study, but also create and teach their own courses online

All learning ‘is going to happen digitally’, Coursera boss says

Increasing use of technology on campus will erode division between online and offline education, according to Jeff Maggioncalda

Systematic literature review on self-regulated learning (SRL) in massive open online courses | Lee | AJET

Systematic literature review on self-regulated learning in massive open online courses

Coursera Adds A/B Testing to MOOC Platform

Coursera is now allowing for A/B testing on its MOOC platform. This lets instructors and researchers test a single variable to see how it affects some aspect of the course, such as participation. As a Coursera blog article explained, the testing is done by “randomizing enrollees into different versions of the same course” and then seeing what impact the change-up makes on the “learning outputs.”

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